Fall-Winter 2009




Prairie clover photo (left) by
Jack Shouba.

"After the Storm" painting by
Marilynn Brandenburger.

Witch hazel photo by
Jason Sturner.

Welcome to the Fall-Winter 2009 edition

But after I had rode out, and seen the flowers and seen the sun set with that calmness seen only in the prairies, and the cattle winding slowly home to their homes in the “island groves” . . . I began to love because I began to know the scene and shrank no longer from “the encircling vastness.”

-- Margaret Fuller, 1843

As we head into winter and its season of cold and windswept fields, it seems appropriate that writer Margaret Fuller take us back to the prairie as she saw it in the 19th Century, a seeming wasteland that gradually revealed itself to her in all its beauty. Her full essay on the prairie, from which this excerpt is taken, can be found in the anthology “At Home on This Earth: Two Centuries of U.S. Women’s Nature Writing,” edited by Lorraine Anderson and Thomas S. Edwards (published by the University Press of New England). It is in that tradition, that we hope the writers and artists featured here also give us unique insights to this fascinating ecosystem.

-- LeAnn Spencer, editor and publisher