Fall-Winter 2010

Welcome to the Fall-Winter 2010 edition

Then I discovered the prairie, and a slow healing began.

-- Stephen R. Jones, The Last Prairie

There is nothing like the season of cold on the prairie to bring out subtle details that elude us in high summer. Just when we think the brown of fall is boring, the white of winter insipid, and a quiet country road tedious, along comes a set of photos that makes us look twice. There are shades of taupe and suede in Bob Fila’s photo of the northern harrier in the Flight Patterns essay. There are shadowy blues and purples in the photo of a snowy owl grabbing a mouse on a pale field. The prairie’s skeletal lines and graceful curves are exposed in Ken Kashian’s Back Roads picture essay. This issue is dedicated to the talented visual artists who are able to show us the beauty that right in front of our own eyes.

-- LeAnn Spencer, editor and publisher