Fall-Winter 2011




Detail of Springbok Prairie,
above left, by Connie Devendorf.

Detail of Echinacea in snow
by Gail Goepfert.


Teri McTighe

Teri McTighe grew up working with cattle and horse in Western South Dakota. It was there that she learned to love the wide-open spaces and the subtle and profound beauty of the rolling plains. She began her life around horses at an early age, learning to ride and work as soon as she could stay in the saddle, gradually learning how to train horses and work with them in true partnership. She also began exploring her artistic side as a tiny kid, when her mother first put the tools in her hands, eventually earning a B.A. in Fine Art in 2007. Her goal is to produce pieces that communicate what she most appreciates and enjoys about this life. She is always looking for unique ranch scenes, and especially enjoys capturing the myriad of moods and personality quirks that horses exhibit on a daily basis. She works with my own photography, and her mediums are mainly graphite pencil and watercolor, along with lifelike painted relief sculptures mounted on art board. All of her art is free-hand, meaning she creates without using tracing or projecting tools.

This barn was built by the pioneers and has remained strong enough to withstand the passing of a century. This tradition-driven cowboy gazes towards the northern horizon, his thoughts seemingly lost in the past, a time 100 years to when this land was settled by homesteaders.