Fall-Winter 2011




Detail of Springbok Prairie,
above left, by Connie Devendorf.

Detail of Echinacea in snow
by Gail Goepfert.

Welcome to the Fall-Winter 2011 edition

There was something about the prairie for me–it wasn’t where I had come from, but when I moved there it just took me in and I knew I couldn’t ever stop living under that big sky.

—Pam Houston,
Cowboys Are My Weakness

This issue marks the fifth anniversary of A Prairie Journal. In that time, we’ve had contributions from creative writers and visual artists from all over the American and Canadian Midwest. A look through the archives reveals a wealth of talent by people able to find beauty in the prairie landscape, a vista often mistaken for boring and flat, as if mountains or oceans are the only providers of scenic geometry. It has been an honor to provide an online showcase for the prairie and those who appreciate it. With this issue, though, the current incarnation of A Prairie Journal comes to an end. Keep watch on this space, though, for a new version of our journal next year.

-- LeAnn Spencer, editor and publisher