Welcome to the Spring-Summer 2008 Edition

“Here was a soil with a millions years of wealth in it, a kingdom without serious obstacle to its conquest, such space in it that men longed for a corner, women for a neighbor.”

-- Donald Culross Peattie in “A Prairie Grove”

There are few places where we can experience the vastness of the great North American prairie. One place that does offer a sense of that flat expanse of land is found in Saskatchewan in Canada. Photographer Allen Lefebvre takes us there, offering us insights into the remnants buildings of homesteaders who eked out a living on our fertile plains. To illustrate just how much of our prairie has been lost, John Hill takes us on an aerial survey of Wolf Road Prairie, a tiny gem of the landscape in the western suburbs of Chicago. Two new wordsmiths also offer their unique takes on our landscape, Sherry Stratton and David Coulter. They join regular contributors Jannett Highfill, Patricia Cronin, Mary Ramsden and Erin Tuttle. I thank them all as well as my hardworking editors, Cindy Crosby, Darsha Primich, and Erin Tuttle. All of us hope you enjoy this new edition of A Prairie Journal.

-- LeAnn Spencer, editor and publisher