Spring-Summer 2010




Photo of sawtooth sunflower (Helianthus grosseserratus) by LeAnn Spencer. Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved.

Photo of sunset by Jason Sturner. Copyright © 2010.
All rights reserved.

What the Clouds Tell Me

                                           It’s a long time
            since a cloud said anything helpful.
                                    -- William Stafford

Wilda Morris

Dense clouds pile up
in the morning sky, striated
like walls of a limestone ridge
along the Mississippi. They tell me
truth can lay heavy
on the horizon of relationships,
that truth is not always words
or facts, but finds its home
in the gaps between things,
the interstices between us.
With my granddaughter
I walk out under gray clouds,
backdrop to budding branches.
The clouds tell me they will fall
in droplets to nurture new growth.
They tell me what to do with my life.